New rules for my year of making (yes, already)

Last post I stated that one of my reasons to take on this year of knitting challenge is to make myself do things other than knitting and crochet.  In my mind, I decided that I would restrict myself to only 2 or 3 knitting or crochet ‘makes’ per week.  Less than a week in, however, and I am already seeing a flaw in this plan.

Case in point: on Monday night, I was packing up after our drop in knitting night at work.  It was getting late, and I was looking forward to getting home.  Suddenly, I had a panicked thought that it was already 9:30 at night, and I hadn’t done anything that I could post as that day’s make.  Yes, I had just spent the better part of the evening (and some of the afternoon) knitting a cardigan, but that was just knitting, and therefore it didn’t count. Two seconds later, I realized the ridiculousness of this statement, and promptly unpacked and photographed my cardigan.

Social media is meant to help us be more social – sharing our ideas and projects, and connecting us to other like-minded people.  In reality, it has simply made us more competitive, by presenting us with an ideal we have to strive for, and making us feel inadequate if our finished project doesn’t look like the one in the photo. I see this all the time – compliment a knitter on their finished project, and they will start pointing out all the little mistakes that they have made.  I do it too, almost compulsively sometimes – its as if we think that pointing out the flaws ourselves will somehow make it easier to bear the criticism we anticipate from someone else. Never mind the fact that most of the flaws we see are invisible to others, and those other people weren’t going to criticize us anyway.  We need to stop doing this, all of us. Next time someone compliments you on something you’ve made, smile, say ‘thank you’, and then bite your tongue hard and look away from that misplaced stitch! Abruptly change the subject if you have to, just don’t start pointing out those flaws!

Expect to see a lot more knitting and crochet in my #yearofmaking feed.  Its what I do, and these days its practically who I am.  I will still try to do non-knitting (and non-food related!) things, but this isn’t going to work if I force myself to make my instagram feed look like a Pintrest board.  I also need to convince myself that it is okay to post the same project more than once – otherwise nothing is going to get finished this year.


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