Today I made… (Day 1 of 365)

  • space in my overcrowded filing cabinet
  • the first part of a knitted toy – which is supposed to be something other than the deformed penguin it currently resembles (the official 1/365)
  • soup from a can
  • $1.54 in Starbucks Card money (I ‘made’ it by registering a re-discovered card that was stored in a box. That totally counts, I’m sure).

The “Year of  Making”* is intended to be a year-long commitment to try and make something every day.  And just to be clear, that’s “make” as in do something creative, not “make a complete something” every day.  I decided to take on this challenge about a week ago, after reading about it on Kim Werker’s blog .

I am no stranger to the year long daily challenge, nor to the idea of doing something crafty (almost) every day.  But most of that crafting is in the form of knitting or crochet.  In taking on this year of making challenge, I want to try and do things other than knitting or crochet.  Don’t get me wrong – I will always knit.  I have to – its pretty much taken over my life in recent years.  In addition to my (giant, sometimes guilt-inducing) yarn stash, however, I also have a vast collection of supplies for other kinds of crafts – different kinds of paints, paper crafting/card making supplies, cross stitch threads and fabrics, numerous embroidery patterns, and even a really nice, very much under-used sewing machine.  Over the next year I want to haul all of this stuff out and put it to good use – and hopefully use up some of those supplies in the process.  (We moved to a new flat last June, after four years in one place.  Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate in four years).

Taking on this challenge also gives me a great excuse to start blogging again, although this, too, was something I’ve been thinking about for a while.  I miss those pre-Ravelry days when knitters and crocheters used blogs to share their latest projects and talk shop.  I miss writing on a blog, and I miss catching up with my internet (and non-internet) friends by reading their blogs.  You really can’t learn much about a person in 140 character blurbs.pumpernickel bread

To keep up with my 365 makes, you can follow me on instagram.  Ideally, this blog will be about more than just these individual projects – we’ll see how it all plays out.  For now, I need to go find dinner… or at least a few more pieces of the pumpernickel bread I made last week.  🙂

*why do I feel compelled to add a hashtag every time I type that phrase?!


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